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The SEAFLO submersible automatic bilge pumps have a built flotter system
for automatic discharge of bilge water.
No separate flotterschakelaar is needed and the security relay protects the motor against un-
expected and unwanted current peaks.
No drying or unwanted pumping. Pump switches on automatically to any bilge water disposal
SEAFLO automatic bilge pumps have no rust sensitive components. The pump shaft is RvSt.
The housing is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic ABS plastic.
Of small size, high efficiency, low voltage, a perfect design for high performance.
Fully submersible and switch protected with its anti-pollution and air protection
against contamination.
Meets all safety standards.
Click-solid base for easy installation and maintenance. Quiet and vibration free pump cycles.
Dry run proof.

Wire Length Flow Pressure Off Voltage Max. Draw
1 m. 47 l./min. 0,30 bar 12 V 3.0 A